How to Spot a Fake Burberry Coat

Burberry is serving its larger number of customers all over the globe from more than 100 years. Burberry coats are super-stylish and are one among the popular brands that remain a sought-after product for the brand conscious people. The customer segmentation of this company is so amazingly set that their customers never compromise on quality and Burberry provides them with the best products in return. However, many companies in the market always try to get advantage to brand image of Burberry and copy their products. When shopping for a stylish Burberry coat, you definitely want to be sure that you buy an authentic Burberry coat and you are not be fooled by a fake product. No doubt, the imitations of the Burberry coats are very difficult to be point out but there are few easy things to look for while searching for an authentic Burberry coat. Anyhow, it is always better to but Burberry coat from their registered stores or you can order online on their website as well.


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    Examine the material

    Examine the material of the coat thoroughly. Burberry coat always uses a sturdy and stain-resistant fabric for coats. If you find the patterns on the coat flawless then no doubt it is an original Burberry coat for sure. Otherwise, if the quality of the fabric is not up to the mark with hanging threads, it is most certainly not an authentic Burberry coat.

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    Check the tag

    Check the tag of the Burberry coat very closely. A coat with a hardy tag along with “Made in Italy” written at the back is a real Burberry coat. The tag will also contain a proper serial number behind it. On the other hand, a tag without serial number or a written is a sign of fake Burberry coat.

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    Inspect and touch the lining

    Inspect and touch the lining along with the stitching of the coat. Fine quality material with smooth and clean stitching is a clear hint for an authentic Burberry coat. While rough and low quality lining of the coat shows that it is a replica.

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    Check the label

    Check the label of the Burberry coat. The word “Burberry” should be all in bold (capital) letters like BURBERRY. A product containing a label with Burberry written on it in small letters is an unauthentic Burberry coat.

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    Examine the hangtag

    Go through the Burberry hangtag. You cannot even imagine an original Burberry coat without a distinctive hangtag. In addition to that, the hangtag should exactly match the signature Burberry logo.

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