How to Spot a Fake Gucci Jeans

Gucci, the House of Gucci, is an Italian company known all over the world for its quality products. It is a multinational company, operating about 278 directly operated stores across the world. Gucci offers wide range of product and is the biggest-selling brand of Italy. The products of Gucci are considered as symbols of luxury. This amazing company offers clothing, including jeans, as well as handbags and leather items. The unique series of Gucci jeans are known for their reasonable prices and quality. However, there are many other fake Gucci jeans available in the market for purchase, which are quiet difficult to identify. Anyhow, do not panic, as there are many easy tricks, which will help you to identify original Gucci jeans.


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    Look at the price tag

    While buying Gucci jeans, first you have to look at the price tag.  Keep it in your mind that Gucci jeans normally retail for $400 per pair and even more than that. If you find the price below the minimum level or with a significant discount, then it may not be original Gucci jeans.

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    Examine the jeans thoroughly

    In case if you do not get a clear idea from the price tag, then try to examine the jeans very closely. Gucci jeans are known for their good quality material and stitching therefore closely observe the jeans stuff along with the sewing and stitching on it. Jeans with rough stitching, lose threads or fraying of fabric cannot be original Gucci jeans at any cost. Do not forget to turn the jeans inside out in order to examine from inside as well.

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    Try to feel the jeans material

    Try to feel the material of the jeans as much as you can. Gucci jeans will give you fairly soft and lightweight effect. In case of you find the product heavy or overly stiff it is it is probably a fake Gucci jeans.

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    Examine the tags closely

    Closely look at the tags attached to the jeans. If you find the tags with spelling mistakes or with an off-centre look, you can be sure it is a fake Gucci product. Keep it in your mind that Gucci Jeans’ tags are perfect from all angles with a perfect look, even stitching and lettering.

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    Purchase from authorised retailers or stores

    Try your best to purchase the jeans directly from authorised Gucci retailers or stores. Do not buy Gucci jeans from wholesalers or distributors, as Gucci never sells their products to them.

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