How to Spot Fake Armani Websites

The idea of creating bogus web sites is as old as the world wide web itself. This is done to trick people out of their personal information (credit card number, address etc), or to sell substandard products while cashing in on a reputed brand’s label. Armani is no different – it has made its mark in the world but what is unfortunate is that many people have not only come up with fake products under Armani’s label, but now there are cheaters who have made fake web sites too. Don’t fall prey to their sly tactics and do NOT give out your personal information to such fake Armani web sites. There are a few steps which you should follow to remain informed about what needs to be done to spot fake Armani web sites.


  • 1

    The most essential step is to install Firefox 2 web browser and Internet Explorer 7 operating system because they have filters that can help you in detecting most dodgy web sites.

  • 2

    Common sense plays an eminent role while detecting whether the web site is Armani’s official or if it is fake. If you notice anything fishy then the web site is definitely bogus.

  • 3

    After going through the site, look for evidences including contact numbers, email addresses and outlet addresses.  Make a call on the given number and send an e-mail on the address given to check if the given contact information is fake or real.

  • 4

    Check the URL; is there any extra word in the name of the website? Is the name of Armani correct or is it running the site with some other name?

  • 5

    Make sure you do not judge the site with its flashy and colorful appearance. Such web sites are easy to build and in fact, copying a web site’s design is also not a hassle for web criminals.

  • 6

    Armani's web site does not ask for any extra personal information when you are registering on it. The only information asked for includes your full name, email address and a password of maximum 15 characters that is used for logging in.

  • 7

    For your ease and convenience, the original web site for Armani is given below. Choose your country and browse through. There are high chances that any other web site that you have come across may actually be fake.

    Visit Armani's web site.

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