How to Spot Fake Armani Watches

People just love to buy Emporio Armani watches to look smarter and wonderful. If you are also fashion conscious and admit to wear trendy and latest brands, then your style statement can’t be complete without an adorable Armani watch. Armani watches make you to feel proud of your fashion taste and style, so Armani has introduced a great range of ladies and gents watches. But there are many copied products in market, which are also using the brand name of Armani, especially if you are new to buying Armani products and don’t have any idea to spot artificial Armani watches, don’t let your self to fall prey for the fake one. Therefore, for your ease to avoid the scams and spot fake Armani watches, here’s a detailed yet easy guide.


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    In order to check the authenticity of an Armani product it is suggested to check out the official website of Armani. Browse through the product you are interested in buying and find out its details to compare with the one you are getting from the market.

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    It's always recommended to buy from authorized Armani outlets. So do not forget to check from their website for your nearby outlet and buy only from there!

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    If you have doubt over the outlet of Armani, which would be a very rare case then the best way to verify the authenticity of an Armani product is to verify it by the code number, which could be found placed on the product tag along with the original logo or Emporio Armani.

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    Armani watches are made of outstanding material. Anything that doesn't have a fine quality material, has rough edges and does have a brighter shine is not Armani.

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    Most of duplicated watches are made in China or Thailand or Hong Kong. Look for these word embedded on your watch “Made in Italy”.

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    Look for Only these spells ‘Emporio Armani’. Some of replicates write Emporio Armani 2, 3 or something else looks like this tag line.

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    Branded product always have their perfect packing on all their branded products. Same is the case over here Armani’s watches holds great packing with costly and genuine martial.

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