How to Spot Fake Armani Bags

Armani – a high end fashion maker – is known for introducing several fashionable lines for men as well as women. You can clearly figure out the elegance and sophistication which not many brands are capable of presenting. Armani bags are made of classic and exquisite material that can be distinguished very easily. The company pays immense attention to each detail, which is why its price is also high, but buying their exclusive bags at high price ranges is definitely worth it! Taking advantage of the market rates of Armani, replica makers are tricking Armani customers by selling bogus hand bags. Though it is a little difficult to spot original products, but it is not impossible. A close attention towards each detail is required to save yourself from getting fooled. I have provided additional details and links in the steps below.


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    Check the Color of Armani Bag:

    After making your choice from the available collection on the Armani website, make sure you remember the exact color and the look of the bag. As you hold the bag, the first thing that should be inspected is the color of the bag. Does it match with the one you saw on Armani’s website? The image in this step will help you know how the color can be different.

    Initialize your bag hunt by going through the original website of Armani where you can easily get familiar with the available collection of bags and their price range. Secondly, make sure you visit the original outlet of the brand instead of any other shop.

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    Check the Logo of Armani Bag:

    Armani logo is different on every product; on few you will see a horse and a few might contain an A and X, which stands for Armani Exchange. The replica makers never succeed in making the correct logo, which gives the buyer a chance to figure out the difference between an original product and the fake one.

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    Check the Material of Armani Bag:

    Armani has never compromised on material; every product is made of high quality material. Unlike bogus Armani bags, the original ones do not give a rough or hard feel when rubbed against the skin, since the company makes sure they use soft material for their bags' collection.

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    Check the Zip of Armani Bag:

    A bag might contain a zip; open and close it a few times to see whether it opens smoothly or get stuck somewhere. The original bag will let you unzip the bag smoothly whereas the zip used in fake bags can be easily identified through its roughness and screechy sound.

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    Stitch of Armani Bag:

    While inspecting the bag you will easily distinguish the real from a fake product by observing the stitch. Armani Bags have a very neat and clearly defined stitch, whereas the replica makers never pay attention on its durability factor, which is why the stitch is  rough and untidy.

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    Check the Price Tag of Armani Bag:

    Lastly you will have to check the price tag. Armani bags range between $ 180 and $ 78; if the price lies below or above this range then you are definitely dealing with a replica maker.

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