How to Spot a Fake Burberry Shoes

Burberry is an exclusive British Luxury Brand that produces several lines of shoes along with the never ending list of fashion products. Burberry shoes are known for their elegant style and top quality. However, because of their fame, excellence and price, Burberry shoes are frequently imitated and sold in flea markets and other smaller commercial establishments across the world. The good news is you can easily spot fake Burberry shoes with a little awareness. All you have to do is, be a smart and savvy Burberry shopper, closely examine the shoes and avoid paying for the countrified.


  • 1

    Study the patterns

    Sign into the official website of Burberry and closely observe their wide shoes collection to get an idea of the original Burberry check and the nova check plaid patterns. Now compare the studied patterns with the shoes in questions. You will find the counterfeit Burberry shoes with some minute blunders with the patterns on the surface. For example, making a line pink when the pair of shoes should be red and making a square tan when the shoes should be white one etc.

  • 2

    Study the lines

    Real Burberry shoes are the ones with lines always symmetrically spaced from one another.  The ones with uneven lines on them are none other than fake Burberry shoes.

  • 3

    Study the Burberry logo on the shoes

    Original Burberry shoes are the ones with “Burberry written on the inner side,” “Burberry emblazoned on their sole,” or “a gold or silver-toned label” at the heel. In addition to that, the three “R’s” of the Burberry written on the shoes must have a “minor Curve.” Make sure that the curve should be on the very perimeter of the oblique leg of the "R." The “R’s” on the fake Burberry shoes never have this detail.

  • 4

    Smell the leather

    Smell the leather of the Burberry shoes that is under observation. The shoes with irritating smell are a sign of fake Burberry shoes as the counterfeit cannot copy the smell of authentic leather.

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