How to spot fake Adidas superstars

Adidas superstars are fashionable and attractive footwear that look good on anyone that wears them. Whether you are attending a party, chilling at the park or attending a game, you can always throw them on and feel good about yourself. Even though the shoes are mainly for guys, nowadays lots of ladies are also being spotted with them. However, when looking to buy a pair of Adidas superstars, there are few revealing signs to help you determine if at all they are real or not.

The last thing you’ll want is spend your hard-earned money on a pair of Adidas superstars and later find out, it was just an ordinary counterfeit. That’s why we have compiled, in this article, tips to guide you into making the best decision when acquiring one. Read on to find out few tips on how to spot fake Adidas superstars.


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    If the shoes are real, they should come in strong shoe boxes featuring the Adidas trefoil logo. Also watch out for spelling errors and most importantly, overall quality and finish. If you notice anything odd about the shoe’s packaging, be smart enough to know it’s probably a fake one.

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    Serial numbers

    Check the shoe’s tongue label for serial numbers and make sure they're correctly printed. If the shoes are authentic, then the serial numbers on the right shoe should be different from the one on the left shoe. If the ones you are looking to buy are anything different, then they're complete fakes.

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    Information label

    On the outer section of the shoe box, you should find a detailed label, featuring the style, name, color and country of origin. Also check for the PO numbers and make sure it matches with the ones inside the shoe box.

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    Carefully analyze the stitch patterns and make sure it’s neatly done. Most counterfeit manufacturers barely do a good job and thus give themselves away. If notice any sloppiness then be sure to know you might be holding a fake pair of Adidas superstars in your hands.

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    Before spending your money to acquire any style of Adidas superstars of your choice, be sure to analyze and carefully inspect the shoes by making use of the these tips as stated above.


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