+How to Spot Fake Puma Shoes

Puma shoes are fine foot wears that look good on people that know their value. However, before finally settling for any Puma style of your choice, you’ll want to take precautionary measures in order to avoid taking home with you a fake pair. Whether you know this or not, there are a lot of counterfeit versions of the Puma shoes out there. Even so, these counterfeits have little or no obvious differences that can help buyers quickly spot them. That’s why before purchasing one, you must pay enough attention to avoid making the wrong decision. More importantly, there are few key things to watch out for when determining their authenticity. Read on to find out more on how to spot fake Puma shoes.


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    Puma Logo

    Check the shoes for the Puma logo. It should be present on the sole and the top of the heel. If either of them are present and the other isn’t then it’s a fake. However most counterfeits might feature both of them at the appropriate places, but they are usually misaligned or not properly bonded to the sole or both.

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    Cost price

    Authentic Puma shoes are not supposed to come entirely cheap. So if the price of the one you might be looking to buy is too good to be true then it’s probably because it’s fake.

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    There are specific types of colors that were produced from the factory. In order words, there are some Puma shoe colors that aren’t produced by the company. So before going shopping, visit the Puma website and check out the range in colors and style that they offer. So the moment you spot any odd color, then it’s probably because it’s fake.

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    Tongue label

    This another surefire way to determine if those Puma shoes are real. Simply open the tongue and look for the label that reads ‘’Official Licensed FI Products.’’ Counterfeit versions usually don’t come with that label.

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    Variant labels

    If the shoes are labelled variant or sample, then it simply just means, they aren’t the real thing. So take note!

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    Dealer’s reputation

    A dealer’s reputation matters a lot and it goes a long way to help them maintain consistency with quality delivery. If the dealer you are looking to buy from is unknown, then there is a high probability they might be selling you the wrong thing.

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    With these tips, spotting the differences between fake from real Puma shoes, can be easily achieved.

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