How To Tell a Fake Rolex Watch

The Rolex company is known for producing some the most refined and top quality wrist watches available today. Because of the nature of its demand, a lot of counterfeits are also being produced in large quantities by unknown manufacturers. The differences between fake and real Rolex watches are very subtle, and if you’re planning to acquire a Rolex watch, you’ll need a few guidelines to help you determine if it’s the real deal or just another cheap imitation. Read on to find out how to spot a fake Rolex watch:


  • 1

    Check for ticking sound

    Compared to few other watches which are built to make a ticking sound, as the second hand jerks all through 360 degrees, the Rolex’s second hand has a perfectly smooth motion, thus leaving no room for any ticking sound. If your Rolex watch has a ticking sound, then it’s not genuine.

  • 2

    Look for crown logo

    Authentic Rolex watches come with crown logos located on the top-middle of its dial. So in-case you are buying one without a crown logo, don’t hesitate to walk away: it isn’t real.


  • 3

    Check the price

    Needless to say, Rolex watches are usually very expensive, and if you find one that is unusually cheap, give a second thought to it, and make sure you analyze it properly, because it’s very much likely to be a counterfeit.

  • 4

    Watch for Cyclops

    The Rolex Cyclops, are a magnifying lens above the date window on the face of the Rolex watches. The Cyclops (convex in nature) magnifies the date 2.5 times for ease of readability. If the one you are looking to buy has a flat magnification lens, which doesn’t magnify the date as it should; then you are looking at a fake.

  • 5

    Check the weight

    A genuine Rolex watch is supposed to feel heavy since it is made from real metals and crystals. If you spot one that seems a bit light, it’s probably because it is lacking some of the metals used in constructing the real ones, which automatically means, it's a fake. Being heavy is not conclusive proof that a Rolex is authentic though.

  • 6

    Water tightness

    One successful way to determine if Rolex watches are not genuine is to test their waterproof capabilities. All Rolex watches are built to be air tight thus leaving no room for water to enter them. If your watch is misbehaving after getting dipped into into water, then it’s not the real thing.

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    The ability to differentiate between a fake and real Rolex watch depends on how well informed one is about Rolex watches. As you go shopping for a new one, keep these tips in mind to help you differentiate between the real thing and the myriad of clever imitations out there.

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