How to Spot a Fake Gucci Fabric

Gucci brand is one of the leading brands of fashion industry. It’s all items including bags, wallets; umbrella and fabric etc are trendy among fashion oriented generation. All Gucci brand products are best known for its finest quality and frequent demand. As any brand become well known and famous, we identify many duplicate items available in the market. People sometime misperceive quality of brand and buy rough quality and replicate brands. They pay huge price mentioned on retail tags and when they find out the rough material and duplication stuff, they avoid shopping same brand again. So for convenience there are few steps that help you to identify original fabric by Gucci brand.


  • 1

    Gucci offers you online information through website you must take a look so that you would be able to recognize products serial numbers and their respective prices and display images.

  • 2

    You must visit the outlet which is mentioned officially by the website.

  • 3

    Gucci have their sand/ebony monogram ‘GG’, you can detect this logo on its products as well as printed on its fabric.

  • 4

    Gucci have history if their fabrics and that is totally different from the copied fabric available in market. It is sheltered with dust proof material, which you cannot find on replicates.

  • 5

    Gucci use Italian well-built material fabrics. You can verify finest fabric by stretching it continuously; if it’s hard and non stretchable then you are at your right outlet.

  • 6

    Its fabric is made of bright and non fading material. Whenever you want to buy best fabric then make sure for its brightness and fading test.

  • 7

    Their products have specific serial numbers so make sure that you have checked your product’s serial number.

  • 8

    you can find some Gucci accessories along with its products printed Gucci logo on it.

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