How to Spot a Fake Armani Perfumes

Counterfeit products are as annoyingly common in the market as fleas are, especially when it comes to copying products of brands that have established their reliability and quality. Imagine paying an obnoxiously huge amount for a product that you thought was an original? Or even if you’re not paying as much, but thought that the money being spent was on an original, but then you find out that your hard earned cash was spent on buying trash that was never meant to grace your dressing table? Well that’s how you feel when you’ve bought a fake perfume. Armani has established itself as a quality brand over the years with now, a loyal clientage. Amongst the different superior products that Armani has in the bag, their perfumes are in particular demand. This article will give tips on how to spot fake Armani perfumes.


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    Packaging is the first thing that can distinguish a real Armani product from a forged one. The copy will have unclear, low quality printing with vague and blurred inscriptions. Since packaging is part of the branding of a product, authentic perfume packaging will always boast of exquisitely beautiful bottles that a phony perfume can never have.

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    Pay close attention to the inscriptions that are written on the perfume bottles or their packaging. Because of a fear of copyright claim against them, bogus products will always misspell the company’s name or the product’s name itself.

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    Bottle, if original, will never have a coarse surface and cloudiness. It will always be clean and transparent with no air bubbles in any part of the bottle.

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    Pricing of a counterfeit will obviously be different than that of the original product. Bogus products, since their cost of production is less, will be priced at a lower amount. However, be aware that even some phony perfumes have a high cost.

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    Duration of how long the perfume will last once it is applied is another factor that differentiates between real and fake. Fake perfumes usually last for a short time and the scent, once applied, dies out within a few hours.

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    Check the certificate of quality which the seller has. It is the easiest way to confirm if the perfume you’re being sold is actually an original Armani. However, it is not always possible to do so and to counter that, it is advised and wise if you remember all the points mentioned above before buying the perfumes.

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