How To Spot Fake Lacoste Polo Shirts For Men

The Lacoste designer company is one of the most reputable companies, known for their production in elegant and luxury items being sold all over the world. When looking to buy a top quality designer item like a polo shirt, LACOSTE is a perfect choice to make. However, before paying your money to obtain any style of shirt you deem suitable, you’ll have to examine that shirt properly in other to avoid being duped with a fabrication.

Most counterfeits are properly crafted and so if care is not taken, you are likely to mistake them for the genuine ones. But nevertheless, with the right guidelines, you should be able to differentiate between the real from fake Lacoste polo shirts. Read on to find out few tips on how to spot a fake Lacoste polo shirt for men.


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    Quality of fabric

    With a slight touch of the hand, you should be able to determine the quality of the Lacoste polo shirt you are looking to buy. If it’s authentic, it should feel a bit thick and heavy. Fake ones are usually made with inadequate materials, thus they feel light and hollow.

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    Check the buttons on the shirt you are about to buy, they should be the good old ‘’mother of pearl’’ buttons. Also take note of the button holes, they should not exceed two. Fake ones might attach three or more.

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    Crocodile logo

    Every authentic Lacoste polo shirt comes with a default crocodile logo usually imprinted on the top-right, front area of the shirt. Also take note of the logo, it should be sharply printed with no sloppiness or traces of excess glue. If you notice anything of such, then be sure it’s a fake one.

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    Country made

    If the shirt is genuine it should say ‘’made in France.’’ However, other genuine versions have also being spotted, produced from Peru and Morocco.  If yours says ‘’made in china,’’ don’t hesitate to abandon and avoid wasting your money.

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    Price tags

    Lacoste polo shirts are made from high-grade materials, and as such, they shouldn’t come cheap. So beware of prices that are too good to be true, chances are, they might be fake.

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    Seller’s assurance

    When acquiring a Lacoste polo shirt, make sure you watch out for the seller’s confidence and approach. If he is in too much of a hurry to sell the shirt to you, then you’ll have to tread carefully by analyzing the shirt, using previous tips. Otherwise, you might end up with a fake shirt.

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    Once you’ve taken into consideration all these tips as stated above, securing a genuine Lacoste polo shirt should not be that difficult to achieve.

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