How to Spot Fake Armani Shirts

Giorgio Armani is a famous and an eminent brand which is admired by all age groups including children. The reason behind their prominence is their classic lines which portrays elegance and class. Over the years Armani has introduced tremendous lines which also include shirts. Due to the usage of fine and delicate material many people intend to buy Armani shirts instead of any other brand, but few customers of Armani have been badly betrayed by the con men present in the market. With the help of their cheating technique they are selling a phony product of Armani at the same price. The duplicate fake product is so similar that it has been difficult for customers to distinguish.


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    When you are intending to buy a product of any brand even if its Armani the most important thing is to visit its official website and go through its line from which you wish to buy a product. The reason for doing this is to get familiar with the actual available variety and being aware of the fake and the phony ones. While looking at the products do check the prices along with the available colors and product description. Note them down so that it is easy for you to distinguish that whether you are buying the original product or being conned.

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    The best idea to stay away from the con men are to visit the actual and authentic outlets of Armani instead of any other or else you might end up wasting thousands of dollars. Armani do not sell their products in while sale shops, if some whole shop is selling it then it is not an original Armani. The addresses of the available stores are on the Official Website of Armani. Check out the footer section.

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    If by any chance you are not able to visit the original outlet of Armani then there are some techniques which will help you in figuring out the original product against the fake one. When you will hold the shirt the first thing which should be checked is the availability of logo. There are fake Armani products in market which does have logos, but if you analyze them carefully you will easily distinguish the fakeness in them. Various shirts have different Armani label few have the Giorgio Armani black label which contains white letters with black background and few have sliver letter with navy blue background, which is the label of classic Giorgio Armani.

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    While going through the line of Armani shirts memorize the position where the label is because some time the con men change the position of the label or spell it in a wrong manner which cannot be easily distinguished.

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    After analyzing the label see the stitching is it neat or it is uneven because the stitches of Armani shirts are perfect without any flaws. If by any chance you notice the stitching is uneven or sloppy do not buy the product or show it to the sales man.

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    Carefully feel the material of the shirt. Armani being a top class brand use a fanatical and smooth material in all of its attire products. If while feeling the material seems to be cheap or rough then it is definitely not an original Armani shirt.

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