How to Spot Fake Gucci Sandals

Popularity of the double G logo, interlocked with each other cannot be denied all over the globe. And this is one of the reasons why some manufacturers have been producing replicas and making money by selling that trash. Besides attire and accessories, there is a wide range of shoe collection that has been introduced under the brand name Gucci. Besides women, a good collection of sandals are available for men as well. For a casual outlook, these pairs of Gucci Sandals will definitely play an eminent role in your trendy style. But the main issue occurs when you end-up buying a fake product and if it is identified by someone you meet, then your entire reputation may be ruined. To remain cautious and on the safe side, this guide will help you in recognizing an original Gucci sandal.


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    Get Familiar with the Shoes:

    Before going for a Gucci sandal hunt, get yourself familiar with the variety and collection that Gucci has introduced in the market. This can be done by visiting their official website or going through a few top magazines which include the latest collection of Gucci shoes. After going through the website in detail, you will acquire complete knowledge about the rates and outlook of the sandal. This exercise will also assist you in selecting your favorite design.

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    Visit the Original Outlet:

    After completing this research, try visiting the original outlet of Gucci to avoid any sort of ambiguity and confusion you might face if you visit any other shop. If, by any chance, there is no outlet available in the vicinity then the steps discussed in this guide will assist you further.

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    Serial Number Identification:

    If you've done the survey and chosen a product of your choice, then make sure you demand only that. You must remember the design and the outlook of the sandal properly. The moment you hold the sandal in your hand, check the serial number inside the shoe which will be right next to its size number. Fake sandals will never have the six  digit serial code properly stamped on the shoe. You can easily distinguish the poor stamp impression. 

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    Sandal Stitch Identification:

    Fake sandals can be easily identified through the uncouth stitching, while the original brand can be distinguished by the neatness of the stitch. Unlike bogus products, Gucci sandals will not have threads coming out of the stitch as shown in the image.

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    Interior Material Identification:

    The next thing to see is whether the inside of the shoe is covered with leather or not. Original Gucci shoes and sandals are lined with leather. The leather must be stamped with the words saying, ‘Gucci Made in Italy.’ If these traits are not visible, then you have succeeded in finding a FAKE Gucci sandal!

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    Sole Identification:

    The next thing which has to be observed is the sole. Real Gucci sandal’s sole is made-up of synthetic material (Leather soles).

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    Exterior Material Identification:

    Now comes the identification of the material; Very carefully check if the leather material is authentic or not. This can be judged by examining whether the material is soft or hard. You can also identify the sandal’s material by wearing it. Check if it is comfortable, or is it giving a hard and uncomfortable feel to your feet. You can also do the scratch test; real weather will have make the scratch visible while a fake one would have no effect. You can also smell the material. Leather has a distinctive smell so that is yet another appropriate way of identification.

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    Logo Identification:

    Now you will have to analyze the G symbol which can be viewed on the material of the shoe, or the badge attached on to it. If the sandal is made-up of leather, then the logo will be embedded on the material.  Very accurately analyze if the 2 Gs are interlocked with each other and connected in perfect pattern with the other interlocked Gs.

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    Dust Bag Identification:

    After examining the characteristics of the shoe, check if the salesman delivers you the shoe in a dust bag or not. The dust bag should not be lightweight instead it should be heavy weight. The basic purpose of this bag is to protect the product from sunlight and dust. Make sure you analyze the logo on the dust bag as well.

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    Card Identification:

    Your sandal will also contain an identification card which is basically a proof of the authenticity of the product that it has passed all quality assurance stages. Gucci’s logo should also be checked on the identification card. You never know how people can trick you and deliver inexpensive sandal at a high price.

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    Price Identification:

    Do not forget to memorize the price of the shoe from the official website so that you remain aware of the original price and pay the right amount.

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