How to Spot a Fake Gucci Clothes

Gucci is a brand name that serves its large number of customers throughout the world, providing them with huge variety of products. Besides its wide range of expensive and well-made handbags and shoes, Gucci also produce classic and graceful clothes for both men and women. Gucci Clothes are famous all over the world for their elegance, style, and best quality. Although the prices of Gucci clothes are expensive as compared to other brands in the market but you will get a best quality and long-lasting product in return. However, there are many replica makers in the market trying to make a quick buck by fooling Gucci’s loyal customers into purchasing fake Gucci clothes.


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    Try you level best to buy Gucci clothes from the Gucci stores or from a reputable retailer only. You can also purchase from the Gucci website, which is the safest mean to buy authentic Gucci clothes. In addition to that, Gucci’s website offers free shipping facility. Keep it in your mind that buying Gucci clothes from an ordinary store, flea markets, street vendors or any unlicensed websites will definitely put you at high risk for finding fakes.

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    Closely observe the logos on the Gucci clothes. The logo on the item should actually be "G's". In case, if the logo looks like an E or C and not a perfect G, it is most certainly not authentic Gucci cloth.

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    Check out the spelling of Gucci very carefully. If the brand name is not spelled correctly, that should be a red alarm that the Gucci cloth is fake.

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    Look at the material of the clothing and feel it properly. While observing the material, keep it in your mind that Gucci clothes are made from extremely high-quality stuff. However, if you material of the clothing all flimsy or cheap, it is not an authentic Gucci item for sure.

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    Examine the stitching on the material. If you find the stitching crooked, rough, uneven, frayed, at all sloppy on the Gucci cloth, it is definitely a knock off.

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    Study the price tags of the Gucci clothes. Gucci clothes are quiet expensive. For example, the female dresses could start around $1900 and Men’s suits could start around $3000. A brand new Gucci men cloth selling below $3000 or female dresses below $1900 is most probably fake or may be a stolen one.

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