10 Best Apparel Brands of 2014

The apparel brands never lose their touch. That is why people are always chasing after them. It’s true that apparels can be seasonal or gender specific, but still they can be ranked in terms of the demand and the price for which they are being sold. Here is a list of 10 best apparel brands of 2014.


  • 1

    Calvin Klein

    Brand value of Calvin Klein is $1.8billion. It started off as a fashion house in America. Back in 2003 it was acquired by PVH Corporation. It then went through a rebranding where it became famous as CK and not Calvin Klein.

  • 2

    Hugo Boss

    The brand value of Huge Boss is currently $3.52 billion. This was a German fashion house and now it is one of the best apparel brands in the world. It has acquired a huge market in the premium and luxury segment. The brands range from sportswear, to elegant evening wear.

    Hugo boss
  • 3


    This famous athletic apparel company is based in British Columbia. The estimated brand value of this company is currently $3.76 billion. The clothing line ranges from yoga to sweaty pursuits.

  • 4


    The estimated brand value of this brand is $4.12 billion. Without a doubt, Next is the largest clothing retailer in UK.

  • 5


    The brand value of Uniqlo is currently $4.63 billion. It is a casual wear designer and manufacturer from Japan. Uniqlo actually means Unique Clothing.

  • 6


    Who doesn’t know about the famous sportswear company Adidas? The name means All Day I Dream About Sports. The estimated worth of this brand is $4.88 billion.

  • 7

    Ralph Lauren

    The Polo clothing brand that has utilized the digital revolution in order to promote itself. Ralph Lauren is currently valued at $5.6 billion. It’s famous for its high-end clothing range for men and women.

    Ralph Lauren
  • 8


    The brand name actually stands for Hennes and Mauritz. It is a multinational retail clothing company which is known for its clothing line. It is considered to be in the top 100 companies and is also one of the largest users of organic cotton.

  • 9


    The famous sportswear brand, Nike, is worth $15.8 billion. It is a Fortune 500 company and it was ranked on number 60 in the world.

  • 10


    Astonishingly, the Spanish clothing and accessories retailer, Zara, has taken the world by storm. The brand’s value is now estimated to be $20.2 billion. Zara has now expanded the business to home décor as well.


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