+How to Spot Fake Versace Fhirts

For everyone that knows the worth of having original Versace shirts in their wardrobe, then buying cheap imitations is the last thing they’ll find amusing. If you are looking to purchase a Versace shirt whether for the first time or not, there few tell-tale signs to watch-out for and avoid taking home with you a fake one. Within this article we have compiled for you few tips to help to you determine if that Versace shirt you are looking to procure is real or fake.


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    Manufacturing country

    After much research, it has been spotted that original Versace shirts are produced all the way from Italy. Check the shirt properly, and make sure it says ‘’Made in Italy.’’ If it says something else, like “Made in China,’’ then it’s definitely a fake one.


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    Examine the shirt in terms of the stitch quality. It is supposed to be consistent, smooth and most of all invincible. If you notice anything sloppy with the shirt, then it’s probably because it isn’t authentic.


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    Versace is a reputable brand and for that reason, they always deliver the best of the best. The shirt should come in a box with the Versace logo and a clean dust-bag with a silk drawing chord. A counterfeit version might just come in an ordinary plastic bag.  So beware!

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    Depending on the style of Versace shirt you might be looking to purchase, go on their official website and check for their price ranges. If the one you are looking to buy is in the same range, then it’s likely to be the real deal. However, if it’s too good to be true, then buying it, should be the last thing on your mind.

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    Overall quality

    Inspect the shirt for it overall quality. From the buttons to the text labels and stitching pattern, everything should be neatly and accurately done.  If you notice any form of irregularities, then there’s a probability, it’s a fake one.

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    Seller’s assurance

    Upon buying the Versace shirt, inspect the seller’s behavior. If he is too much in a hurry to have his shirt sold to you or sounding too convincing then you might want to thread carefully. Reputable dealers have no need to be anxious or too confident when selling their items.

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    Spotting fake Versace shirts can be somewhat difficult, but with tips it just became easy.

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