How to Spot a Fake Armani Jackets

While shopping for some exclusive stuff for dressing, you would certainly want to go for the best available brands in the market. If it a matter concerning some remarkable clothing brands, the name of Armani would certainly be somewhere at the top. The original Armani stuff is quite expensive and is known for flawless tailoring and classic designs mirrored in almost all the products. Somehow, when you go to the market and look for Armani clothes, there are so much duplicate items in the market that even smart people get cheated. There are a few things which you need to keep in mind while shopping for expensive Armani clothes such as jackets.


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    Be informed that Armani never had putted a clothing line with labels like "RGA/Reportage” as they are not visible on the tags of Armani jackets.

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    Check the price tag as the Armani Jackets are quite expensive. The price of a leather jacket is somewhere in the Upper Hundred Dollars and free of any cosmetic damage.

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    Carefully check the tag of Armani Jacket and the stitching. If it is untidy and rough then it is not the original Armani jacket.

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    Remember to examine the label colours because Giorgio Armani Black Label clothes' are usually with black labels and white letters; Giorgio Armani Classico label will have silver letters on a navy blue background and Giorgio Armani Collezioni label will have white appearance with black letters.

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    When you will look closely at the labels, it will be "ARMANI" written on it as well as "Made in Italy."

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