How to Spot Fake Gucci Belts

Gucci is a leading fashion brand and they are producing very high quality leather goods and other fashion labels since 1921. The company was formed by an Italian designer Guccio Gucci in Italian city of Florence. Gucci became the world leading fashion brand very quickly. Whenever a designer brand get fame, more and more people wish to buy their products and this situation is cashed by the counterparts who produce the fake designer goods. Gucci’s belt line is one of the most famous in the fashion industry and hence their demand is very high, this is why millions of knockoffs of Gucci belts are available in the market. If you are considering buying one then you should know the difference between a fake and an original one. Following is the step by step guide to help you spot a fake Gucci belt.


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    Whenever you wish to buy a Gucci belt, look carefully for the pricing because original Gucci belts have prices in triple figures. If you are getting the price in triple figure, there are also other things which you have to consider before buying the belt.

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    Serial Number:

    All of the original designer brands come with a unique serial number of the product. Look on the inner side of Gucci’s leather belt. It will have a unique serial number printed on it if it’s a genuine one. Fakes do not bear any serial number.

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    Gucci’s belt buckles either have “GUCCI” printed using capital letters or they will have two Gs facing each other. Both Gs will be identical. If the Gs are not identical and they are imperfect then the belt is definite fake. Original Belt will have “made in Italy” printed on the inner side. Another type of Gucci belts has a single G buckle which is golden in colour.

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    Visit the official website:

    Visit Gucci’s website. You can see all of the available designs and the features of the belts. Having a quick eye will help you to identify the fake designs.

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    A lot of clever counterparts make very tricky designs and they are misspelled but yet they are very difficult to catch. So look for the spellings very carefully.

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    Carefully look for the material because Gucci belts are made by very high quality leather. Majority of the knockoffs are made by leather look alike material but they are not made by genuine leather. The original Gucci belts have nice leather odour which is missing in fake ones.

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    Gucci belts come in dust bags with authentic cards in them. The dust bags have very pleasant looking colour and they are made by high quality material. If the belt comes without dust bag and authentic cards then the belt is fake. The dust bags provided with fake ones have very fade colour and they are made by very cheap material.

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