How to Spot Fake Gucci Shoes

Out of all the old sayings about judging personality is that “if you want to judge someone’s personality then first look at his shoes”. Probably, fashion geeks know this saying well and so they opt for the branded shoes like Gucci. The brand has a big market share, and Gucci lovers know well about which real Gucci is, however, those buying for the first time need quick guidelines to spot fake ones. With technological development, the replicators are coming up with almost exact copies of the original one and at times it’s really difficult to find the fake one.


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    First of all examine the packing of the shoes that may be in a box or a bag. If the box is dark brown with the word Gucci embossed in metallic letters of gold or silver colour written parallel to the shorter side of shoe box.

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    Be informed that there will be no such words like "Italy" or "Made in Italy" appearing right at the front in latest Gucci shoe boxes as they have a shoe bag with dark brown satin "GG" printed on it.

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    Look at the stitching carefully while buying Gucci tennis shoes. If it is not fully straight and uniform and there are signs of being glued the shoes are likely to be fake.

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    Open the shoes and examine the inside of the shoe as it should be white. Besides there should be periodic forest green stripes, with a centered Ferrari red stripe on each side of the shoe about 3/4 inch wide.

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    Remember to check the serial number, as for authentic Gucci leather it will be an eight-digit number imprinted inside of the shoe on the leather lining, near to the mark of shoe size.

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    Make sure that there will be words like “Gucci Made in Italy" on the heel of the shoe lining, inside all real Gucci shoes lined with leather. However it could be outside of the sole just above the shoe size for a genuine women's Gucci shoe.

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