How to Spot Fake Armani Frames

People often look to save a dollar from here and there whenever they get their hands on a good deal. This happens especially in the case of brands that are highly priced, such as Armani. However, a good deal does not mean that it should be of great value every time, since there are several companies in the market today that are making replicas of famous brands and selling them on cheap prices.

Similar is the case with various products of Armani, including its frames. The drawback of purchasing a replica Armani frame is not only limited to loss of a decent amount, but they are also low in quality and harmful for the eyes. Therefore, buyers should keep the following points in mind before buying an Armani frame so they can spot fake ones right away.


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    Visit Armani’s Website

    Armani has a website that showcases all products. Before buying an Armani frame, a buyer should visit it to get educated about different kinds of frames that are available. Through Armani’s website, the buyer cannot only have an idea about the price of the frame, but he or she can also check the model number in order to verify whether the product is real or fake when actually buying it from a shop.

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    Check the Tag

    A buyer should also check the tag of Armani’s frame in order to verify which country it was made in. Armani frames are made in Italy so if a tag says "Made in Taiwan" or "Made in China" then, it is a proof that this product is fake.

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    Check the Spellings

    Armani is one of the leading brands in the entire globe so they never compromise on anything that is below standards. These standards involve no spellings mistakes too, so if a frame has a spelling mistake or has spelt Armani in a different way then it clearly means that the product is a replica.

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    Cleaning Cloth & Cover of Armani Frames

    Armani frames come with a cleaning cloth and cover. Both these things have a logo of Armani on them that should be clear and crisp. However, if the Armani logo on the cleaning cloth and cover is askew or smudged then it is quite likely that the product you have bought is fake.

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    Check the Price

    Before buying Armani frames one should check the price because this is another way to learn whether the frame is real or fake. You can easily recognize a replica through its price because Armani frames do not come cheap. So if someone has found frames of this brand for $5.99, then there is a high probability that they are not looking at the real thing. Buy only those Armani frames that are priced according to what is written on the official website.

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    Examine the Style

    Buyers should also examine the style of Armani frames. Armani frames are smooth and sleek in design and are available in different types and colours. The famous types of Armani frames are aviator, tortoise and curved style and buyers will find high quality glass in them. Also, if the lens of Armani frames look askew to you, then do not buy it as it is likely to be a replica.

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    Logo of Armani

    The logo of the frames must be checked properly. If it is different from the actual logo of Armani, then the frames are obviously fake. Also, a real logo will be of fine quality and will not be smudged or deformed.

  • 8

    Certificate of Authenticity

    In case of buying new Armani frames, do not forget to ask for a certificate of authenticity from the shop keeper or dealer. If the shop keeper or dealer fails to provide any certificate of authenticity then the frame may be fake.

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