How to Spot Fake Gucci Perfumes

Due to immense popularity of Gucci brands many fake products has been introduced into the market. There are people who are not able to afford the fanatical products of this brand. They turn out to buy the bogus product, but due to the production of fake items people who intend to get the real ones they end up buying the phony ones, due to misunderstanding. Along with bags, shoes, watches and attire, Gucci is also known for the production of exotic fragrance. People who are expert in copying the real item has also produced fake Gucci cologne as well, which besides being expensive, it is also harmful for health and skin. There are few simple ways through which you can easily spot a fake Gucci Perfume.


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    The first thing before you go out and buy a branded item whether it’s a perfume or any other product, make sure that you have all detail information about the product. This sort of information is provided on the official website of the brand. Try going through the Gucci Website and gather all the relevant info related to the item you are interested in buying.

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    Do not forget to memorize the cost of the perfume, the color of the packaging and the sticker or logo on it. As you can see the packaging of the fake Gucci perfume on the left side is entirely different from the original on the right side.

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    The best way to stay safe from the con men is to visit a reliable shop, where you are sure that real branded perfume will be available.

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    The image shown in this step clearly defines what sort difference is between a fake Gucci perfume bottle which is on the left side and the original Gucci perfume bottle on the right side.

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    The sales person will place a tester bottle of your favorite in front of you, and obviously you are not intending to buy that. After making your choice and selecting a perfume of your choice, analyze the bottle. For analysis you will have to see few things, like the spellings of the brand name, the color of the packaging, the color and the spellings of the sticker on it. These are the main things which will help you in distinguishing the real and the fake Gucci perfume.

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    You can also visit the original outlet of the brand Gucci, then you will not have to worry about any sort of mishaps.

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    The last thing to see is the damaged packaging, because Gucci being a huge brand makes sure that each and every thing satisfies the customer whether it’s the packaging itself, so obviously their packaging would be perfect and smooth.

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