How to Spot Fake Burberry Jeans

Like other prestigious brands including Parda, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana; Burberry also possesses a fine level of eminence. Uncountable items and accessories are produced under Burberry’s label, while their jeans come among the most sold clothing items. Phenomenal quality and reliability are the two reasons why people opt for jeans under Burberry’s label. Taking advantage of the popularity of the brand, replicas are now frequently seen in the market. In order to distinguish between a real and bogus product, shopping has become quite a worrisome experience. The only way to avoid purchasing bogus Burberry jeans is to visit their official Burberry boutique, but in case if that is not possible then the guidelines arranged in this article will surely make your work easy.  I have also included links below to Spot other fake Burberry products such as bags and purses.


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    Burberry Jean’s Price Check:

    Before you head towards the mall for shopping, make sure you have been through the official website of Burberry and memorized the available stocks and the minimum and maximum price range of Burberry Jeans. The price range lies between £150 and £ 250.

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    Burberry Jean’s Logo check:

    First you will have to inspect the logo of Burberry. The Equestrian Knight logo is present on every product which lies under the label of Burberry. Besides the original company, no one is capable enough to stitch the logo accurately. As seen in the image you can easily figure out that the horse present on a fake Burberry jeans is not properly defined and is rough.

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    Burberry Jean’s Color Check:

    Very carefully analyze the color of the jeans; does it match the one you saw on the official website or is it different? Jeans have different kinds of colors and a few are even shaded so you will have to observe carefully.

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    Burberry Jean’s Material Check:

    Now comes the material inspection part; as you hold the jeans in your hand, you will easily figure out whether the material is authentic or bogus. The horseshoe stitch is another way to differentiate between the actual product and a fake one.

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    Burberry Jean’s Button Check:

    The buttons on the jeans also play a main role in spotting a fake one. Observe the spellings of Burberry very carefully and see they are embedded neatly on the metal button. The image in this step will clearly help you in identifying the difference.

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