How To Spot Fake Chanel Shoes For Guys

When purchasing a designer shoe with the brand name ‘’Chanel,’’ there are few signs to watch out for in other to avoid getting ripped off by counterfeit sellers. Most guys don’t realize the quality (or the lack thereof) of what they’ve purchased until it’s too late to return. Fortunately, avoiding such experiences is not rocket science and if you’re looking to make a purchase, you just need to know what exactly you’re looking for. Fortunately for you, we’re going to show you how to do just that, in this article on how to spot fake Chanel shoes for guys.


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    Manufacturing country

    All authentic Chanel shoes are made in Italy, though a few of their vintage shoes have been produced in France. So when purchasing a newer model, make sure it says ‘’MADE IN ITALY’’, otherwise it’s not genuine.

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    Analyze the stitch patterns--they should be clean and sturdy. If the ones you are looking to buy have ‘sloppiness’ written all over it, you are advised to save your cash. 

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    Pay a close attention to the CC logo on your shoes. If the shoe's are authentic, the right C should overlap on top and the left C on the bottom. If you notice anything different, then those are fakes.

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    Most Chanel shoes have hardware components made from gun-metal, nickel or brass. These metallic components should feel like real ones and not plastic. If you notice anything that looks like metal but has a plastic feel, then you're probably looking at a pair of fake Chanel shoes.

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    Authentic Chanel products are known for possessing a superiority in quality. In other words, they should be expensive to acquire, so if you come across Chanel shoes that are ridiculously cheap, you are advised not to buy them.

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    Inspect the sole of your shoes. They should be neatly and firmly seated with no signs of excess glue. If otherwise, be sure to know it isn’t the real thing.

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    Label texts

    Check the written texts on the shoe’s label: they should be clearly written with no misspellings. If you notice anything odd about the texts, then those Chanel shoes are not genuine.

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    Using these tips, spotting the differences between a real and fake pair of Chanel shoes, should become much easier to achieve.

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