How To Spot Fake Prada Products

When shopping for a reputable brand name like Prada, one must always apply some measure of caution. There are a lot of counterfeits out there with subtle differences that only make it harder for consumers to distinguish between the real from fake Prada items.

As true as this might be, you can carefully make the right choices by taking advantage of the tips in this article. Read on to find out on how to spot fake Prada products:


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    The Letter ‘’R’’

    Before buying that Prada product that has been on your mind for quite some time now, carefully inspect the ‘’R’’ letter in the PRADA logo. If the products is original then the R should have a slight crescent curve. If the item you are about to purchase has a straight R on it, it’s definitely a counterfeit: Don’t buy!

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    The two ‘’A’’ letters

    Secondly, look at the two ‘’A’’ letters in the logo: both of these should have right sides that are thicker than the left sides. Also, the right slanted part of each A should continue past the tops of the narrow left sides.

    Lastly, their fonts and sizes should be exactly the same. Counterfeit manufacturers will very rarely take the time to accurately mimic these features, so watch out for the presence of either or both of these red flags.

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    Product tag

    Another way to detect counterfeits, is by inspecting the product’s tag. The tag inside authentic Prada products should say in all capital letters, ‘’PRADA MADE IN ITALY". If you don’t find these writings properly attached to the products, then they're fake.

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    The lining

    Check the lining of the product you are looking to buy, it should have a horizontally printed ‘’Prada’’ all over it. Fake ones might forget this little detail, thus making them easy to spot.

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    The metals that come with your Prada products, depending on the sort of product, should be engraved with the name, "Prada". Also, take note that the hardware used on Prada products usually come in three colors: Silver toned, Gold toned and Rose color-toned. Anything color other than these, is a dead giveaway and should be easy to spot.

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    Price tag

    The price of the product you are looking to buy should also offer some clues about it's authenticity. If it's ridiculously cheap, it’s probably because it’s a knock-off. So beware of special offers and promotions.

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    The beauty of owning a Prada luxury item is best revealed when the item in question is 100 percent original. Make use of these tips when next you go shopping and you can be sure of making the best choices possible.

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