How to Spot a Fake Burberry Scarf

Burberry scarves are one among the imposing brands, known all over the world for the best quality materials and elegant styles. You can rock any kind of get-together with a simple and ravishing Burberry scarf around your neck. If you purchase your scarf from Burberry’s registered and reputable stores, then you can be confident that the scarf you carrying is an authentic one. However, incase if you buy it from somewhere else, then you will definitely need to know how to spot a fake Burberry scarf. No doubt, it is difficult task to identify an unauthentic Burberry scarf but there are few important things to identify while buying a real Burberry product. The authentic information provided in this article will help you to be a very intelligent Burberry buyer.


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    Always buy Burberry scarf from a reputable seller

    Always keep it in your mind that Burberry never places its scarves anywhere other than their registered stores or online website. Therefore, do not expect to find an original Burberry scarf in every second third stores or shopping centers. You can simple visit Burberry's official website  and click the “Store Locator” link in the menu bar in order to find out the exact locations of their stores. To spot other fake Burberry products i have provided some links below, read the rest and have fun.

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    Look at the price tag of the scarf

    Closely inspect the price tag of the scarf you want to buy. Burberry is an expensive brand for sure. Therefore, it sells its scarves in the upper hundreds of dollars, ranging from $175 up to more than $500. If the scarf under examination contains a price tag in lower hundreds, then it most probably a fake Burberry scarf.

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    Study the label of the scarf

    Thoroughly study the label of the scarf. In case,  if it says, “Made in China,” or somewhere else other than “Made in London,” it is a knock-off for sure.

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    Inspect the Patterns on the Scarf

    Now, thoroughly inspect the patterns of the scarf. The patterns should perfectly straight from side of the scarf to the other. In addition to that, the original Burberry scarves are always designed in either Nova or Classic checks. In case, if you find a scarf with imperfections like off-color diagonal patterns, it cannot be an authentic Burberry scarf at any cost.

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    Feel the fabric of the scarf

    Authentic Burberry scarves are made entirely from fine quality and expensive materials like cashmere, wool, and silk. Anyways, if the scarf under observation is made from cotton or other cheap fabric, it is most certainly not an original Burberry scarf.

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    Read the logo of the scarf

    Make sure that the logo on the scarf is spelled in uppercase letters only, like BURBERRY. However, most of the imitations of Burberry scarves are spelled “BURBURY,” “BURBERY,” or “Burberry’s.” In addition to the spelling on the logo, the leg of the “RS” of an authentic Burberry scarf should resemble a kickstand of a bicycle. On the other hand, the “RS” resembling a straight leg is a clear sign of a fake Burberry scarf.

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