+How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags

The Michael Kors brand produces one the best designer bags that most ladies can spotted with in this modern day of fashion. The Micheal Kors brand is a successful market leading global brands, known to only deliver quality items with their productions. Unfortunately, various unknown manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to also partake of that glory by producing worthless counterfeit that only break the hearts of those that purchase them without immediate realization. Before taking home with you, a Michael Kors handbag, you’ll definitely want to watch out for few revealing signs to help you determine its authenticity. Failing to do so can mean ending up with cheap imitations, which is the last thing you want. That’s why within this article, we’ve compiled for you tips on how to spot fake Michael Kors handbag.


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    Majority of the authentic Michael Kors handbags feature a hanging MK logo. Most importantly, the distinct MK are very close together and any engraving will be neat and clean. If the one you are looking to buy is any different from this description, then there is a high probability it isn’t real.

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    Stitch pattern

    Inspect the stitch patterns, if it’s original then they should be neat, straight, even and clean. Michael Kors handbags were made from high grade materials, so expect nothing less than top-quality items.

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    Wherever a hardware is been featured on a Michael Kors Handbag, it ought to be made of solid metals and most of all watch-out for a high quality finish.

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    Check the interior section of the bag. It should feature a ‘Made in….’ tag. However, according to research, older bags may not feature any kind of tag and also, their manufacturing countries might be different.

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    If the price is too good to be true, then there’s a high probability it’s because it isn’t the real thing.

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    Online ratings

    If you are buying a Michael Kors handbag online, then make sure to check the website’s reviews and ratings. If the feedback is positive, then it’s safe to make a purchase, otherwise don’t even bother yourself!

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    Before making a purchase and perhaps fall into regrets, put these tips into consideration and get the best of acquiring something of top-quality.

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