How to Spot Fake Armani Cologne

Armani the brand enjoys an unmatched superior positioning in customer minds. It is famous for not just its suits but also for its Cologne’s world over. The popularity Armani gives it a certain brand value where it is able to be a price setter of its choice. However, at the same time Armani replicas and counterfeits are doing great business by fooling the brand fans. If you plan to get yourself an Armani Cologne, you need to make sure you are buying the original thing because there are simply no compromises with Armani. Have a look at our step by step guide.


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    The price:

    Armani is an expensive brand. It will not give away its perfume cheap. Anything that is visibly below the brand value is a fake for sure. Any one who has brought an Armani cologne previously will have a good idea of the reference prices.

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    Feel the packaging. Armani colognes come in a sophisticated packaging with fine details. Anything rough is not Armani.

    There should be a batch number and a scan able bar code. Usually counterfeits do add the bar code but it is just print and can not be scanned.

    Judge the quality of the cap. Fake ones have roughly cut edges on the bottle cap. The nozzle should be neither too loose nor too hard to press because Armani knows its customers.

    If the bottle is leaking or the inner packet has perfume smudges do not buy it.

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    Spelling, logo and font:

    Look for any misspelling. Counterfeits usually have careless execution. Look for any attempt to hide the obviousness of the logo. Instructions at the back of the packet should be complete. Die hard Armani fans can even single out minute differences in the font and writing style like the thickness of the text and the curves of the letters. It is advisable to keep an empty Armani package with you to serve as a reference. Look for the country of production. The ration of fake colognes from Taiwan and China is higher than from other countries.

    The logo should of course match the official Armani logo used on the website and on original products.

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    The fragrance:

    Armani stays on for long. If you are buying from a store, ask the salesman for a try sample. Try it on a wrist and leave it for a few hours. If it stays on, go back and buy it. You can try the perfume at the start of shopping and decide about buying it by the end of it so that you have enough time to judge the lasting feature. If you have used Armani cologne before, you should be able to spot the subtle differences in the scent. Beware of any fake copies with pungent or unusual fragrance.

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    Quantity and color of perfume:

    Do not buy a perfume bottle with the perfume level visibly low. At the same time note the color of the liquid.The quantity inside the bottle should match the one stated on the packet. At times replicas add water to the perfume to increase the level, which lightens up the perfume color.

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