How to Spot Fake Armani Belts

If you have spent some good money on buying something related to your dress up, you would always expect admiring looks from others. Particularly if you have longed shaping up your body, spending a lot of time in the gym, you would love to put on a t-shirt spanned tightly over your body, mounted on a nice invaluable and branded belt such as Armani. When it comes to buying branded belts, there are various brands you can find in the market. However, if it is Armani then you may not be looking for any other brand. Somehow, while buying a genuine Armani belt there are a few things which you need to remember.


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    No matter which Armani item you are buying and to which part of the world you belong to, the Armani products are always very much on the higher side and so do the belts.

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    If you do not know the price of Armani belts, you should check online otherwise be informed that the price of a genuine Armani belt is no less than $45.

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    Since most of the Armani belts are made of genuine leather, so make sure that if the belt you are buying is not made from any other material like plastic or Rexene.

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    If you do not know about recognizing genuine leather, check the edges of the belt with your fingers. If the edges are rough the leather is genuine.

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    The genuine Armani belts come from the A/X Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani lines.

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    You will notice that fake Armani belts have a rather weird large Armani and eagle logos appearing prominently on the buckles, whereas in original Armani belts there will be "Giorgio Armani, Made in Italy" written stylishly in block letters in the center at the back side of the leather.

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    Be informed that the words "Genuine Leather", the style number (6 numbers in total) and the Italian size usually appear on the right of the Armani name. However, in case of the American size, it may appear at the left of the Armani name.

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