List of Fake Gucci Items Which You Can Easily Spot

Counterfeiter products are extremely famous in the world of today. In fact, several companies are making such products in order to give other people a chance to feel what the brand has to offer, even if they can’t afford it. However, if you are a brand conscious person and want to buy the right product from the brand, then you should know what the actual brand sells. Similarly, if you are a fan of Gucci and want to buy something which is Gucci-made, then you should know what the difference between Gucci and all other brands is. Here is a list of products which you can easily identify whether they are fake or original Gucci.


  • 1

    Handbags, Bags and Purses

    It’s quite easy to spot the difference between an actual handbag made by Gucci and the one which is a fake. However, handbags, bags and purses have their own distinctive ways to show that they belong to the original Gucci.

  • 2

    Scarves and Belts

    Women scarves simply show how they are fake and not the original Gucci. However, for belts it gets quite difficult to know whether they are original Gucci or not.

  • 3

    Sunglasses and Goggles

    Whether you are wearing Gucci sunglasses or goggles, there is a significant difference between the original ones and the fake ones.

  • 4

    Colognes and Perfumes

    One difference between original Gucci colognes and perfumes and the fake ones is that the fake ones do not last for long.

  • 5

    Shirts, Jeans and Other Clothes

    This is where people mostly make mistakes. They simply don’t understand how to differentiate between the original Gucci and a fake Gucci when it comes to buying clothes, especially shirts and jeans.

  • 6

    Shoes and Sandals

    Sandals and shoes which Gucci makes are extremely delicate and expensive as well. They somewhat specialize in this department. Don’t make a mistake while buying the original Gucci.

  • 7

    Watches and Bangles

    Whether you are buying watches or bangles for females or only watches for men, Gucci showcases that it specializes in all sorts of accessories.

  • 8

    Fabric and Stitching

    The fabric and the way Gucci stitches its clothes can help you spot the difference between the original brand and the fake counterfeiter products.

  • 9

    iPad Case and Blackberry Case

    People are often mistaken when it comes down to buying iPad and Blackberry casings for their phones.

  • 10

    Gloves, Peggy and Coats

    Whether you are buying gloves or coats, Gucci will stand out as compared to all other products that are available to you. There are certain differences between the branded Gucci gloves and coats and the ones which are fake.

  • 11

    Online Website

    Gucci has its own online websites; don’t go on buying this brand from other websites which claim that they keep it.

  • 12

    Gucci Symbol

    The logo which Gucci uses is distinct. People tend to make mistakes while buying this brand. Do not commit the same mistake.

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