How to Spot Fake Gucci Watches

If you are wearing a nice expensive watch in your hand, you would prefer not to wear a full sleeve shirt. As you have longed to save money for buying the watch you are wearing and now you would certainly want others to look at it in admiration. It is obvious that you must have spent some good money in buying a nice watch such as the one from Gucci. However, it may prove to be quite embarrassing if you are showing that watch to a friend of your and it is being spotted as fake. Hence, while buying a Gucci watches there are a few things to keep in mind so as to avoid buying a fake one.


  • 1

    The first thing to see is the appearance which in original Gucci watches is well defined and numbers spread uniformly in accurate spaces. The numbers are usually odd with varied sizes in fake Gucci watches.

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    The movement of the minute and second hands in Gucci watches being Swiss quartz is smooth and sound like tick or stick in fake ones. The word Swiss Made will be visible at the bottom centrally bisected by the number 6.

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    On the backside of the watch, there will a model number if it is original and a crest or a crest with Gucci name if the watch is fake one. However, Crests on fake watches appear large in size compared to the crest on genuine Gucci.

  • 4

    Check the weight by holding in hand. If it is original Gucci watch, it will feel heavier being made up of solid materials like stainless steel or gold. On the other hand, a fake Gucci watch will be lighter with hollow links.

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    Ask for the proof of purchase to find out the initial purchase of the watch as it should be packaged and must have an authenticity card or certificate of authenticity. Look for the serial number that will prove the authenticity so you can contact the jeweler or Gucci watch retailer for verification.

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    Finally check the price of the Gucci watch you are buying. If the watch is genuine, the price will fall somewhere in between $650 to $1000 and by no means less than 35 % off of the actual retail price.

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