How to Spot a Fake Gucci Symbol

A famous Italian brand Gucci has earned great fame and customers over the past few years, due to its reliable and perfect products. But when the market of any company increases then there are people in the market, who in an urge to sabotage the reputation of the famous and eminent brand, starts producing fake items. Various products which are genuinely not associated with the Gucci brand, but by copying its appearance they are selling them with the same price as the original ones and with the worst quality. Gucci has a significant monogram, which distinguishes it with the rest of the products related to different brands. This symbol is another way with the help of which you can check whether the product you have bought is an original one or the fake one. The steps mentioned below will tell you how to spot a fake Gucci symbol.


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    There is not a single product manufactured by Gucci, which does not have a Gucci symbol printed, hanged or attached on it. But do verify that the symbol is original or is it fake. The first thing is to make sure that the product has two ‘Gs’ instead of one or more than two.

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    The next thing is to properly analyze the Gucci’s monogram, the two ‘Gs’ should be facing each other and the ends of the letter and the beginning part of the letter should cross each other.

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    If the logo is printed on a bag or on a leather product then try analysing the shape of the 'Gs.' You have to be very careful while selecting the genuine product with the perfect Gucci 'G'. The image shown in this step will help you out, the logo on the left side is a fake symbol while the right sided symbol is the real one.

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    The last thing is to check each and every monogram carefully on the product that they are similar and they should be connected to one another.

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