How to Spot Fake Gucci Gloves

Gucci has been introducing several products under its brand since 1921. Besides a line of clothing and shoes, several other accessories have also been launched, and gloves are one of them. Though Gucci does not have a huge variety of gloves, but the ones available are quite prominent and are admired to such an extent that different manufacturers end up producing their replicas. It has become quite difficult for people to figure out which glove is authentic and which is bogus because of their quantity and qualities. But if you follow a few simple inspection techniques then it will become easy for you to spot original Gucci gloves. Before you go for shopping, make sure you have gone through the official website of Gucci so that you know what kind of items are available in the stock. Rest assured, there’s no need to worry if you visit a genuine outlet of Gucci to buy gloves. But if that is not possible then the guide arranged in this article assist you in spending money on an authentic product.


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    Price Identification of Gucci Gloves:

    Once you've gone through the original stock at Gucci's website, try and remember the price of each pair. Fake items are either sold at cheap rates or more than the original cost. Gucci gloves are sold between the range of £ 110 and £325.

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    Logo Identification of Gucci Gloves:

    Hold the glove and analyze its logo. Identification of the logo is very essential because usually fake manufacturers of products try their level best to create Gucci identical logo. But after inspecting carefully you will analyze that the Gs are not interlocked properly, or the chain of interlocked Gs are improper.

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    Material Identification of Gucci Gloves:

    Gucci gloves are either made of leather or they are knitted. A few have leather on the above portion while the palm area is made of cotton. It is very easy to distinguish real and fake material of the gloves; the leather of Gucci gloves is not shinny and the material is not as soft, whereas the fake material is shinny and soft. You can also smell the leather and identify the authenticity of the material.

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    Color Identification of Gucci Gloves:

    Make sure you remember the color of the Gucci glove that was seen by you on the official website. Compare the two colors. The image inserted in this step can also help in telling you the difference between the color of a real and fake glove.

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    Tags and Labels Identification of Gucci Gloves:

    The last thing is to check whether all labels are at the right place, which includes logos, any colored strips or tags. Manufacturers will try their level best to create a replica very much like the original one, but they do leave some signs behind which can fortunately help you in identification.

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