How to Spot Fake Gucci Stitching

The smoother a product’s stitch is, the higher quality that product is considered to be of. And when it comes to brands like Gucci, they pay as much attention to the stitching as they do on the quality of materials used.  A product’s stitching finesse is probably one of the easiest ways to decipher if it it is a real one or fake, and this is why you should be apt at identifying the quality of stitch, and spotting fake Gucci stitching from the real one. But the question is, how can one do that? Not everybody has the expertise to go into such fine details. Worry not! This article will suggest a few easy ways to spot fake Gucci stitching for a real one.


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    Neatness of the Stitch:

    No matter what product you intend to buy but while holding it for the first time, observe the exterior stitching. Thoroughly see if the stitching line is neat and straight.  If it is unruly, then you are definitely pointing towards the right direction; yes the item might lie under a fake brand name instead of Gucci.

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    Roughness of the Thread:

    Second thing is to analyze whether the threads from the stitch are coming out or are firm enough to give a perfect look. Bogus items are not reliable because the manufacturers never pay enough attention on the level of quality. The rough threads are due to imperfect stitching or the use of low quality thread.

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    Finishing of the Stitch:

    Thirdly you will have to observe if the corners of the stitch are neat and accurately finished. In fake items, the finishing of a stitch is not perfect whereas Gucci’s finishing is way more impressive.

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    Inspection of the inner Stitch:

    After analyzing the exterior portion of the product, pay attention to the inner section. You will have to notice similar aspects as mentioned in the above steps. It will be a little hard for you to observe the stitches of the interior material, but this will help you in not spending huge amounts of money on a piece of trash.

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    Inspections of each corner:

    According to the product you will have to inspect each and every corner; if it’s a bag do not forget to analyze the strap or the handle, and if it’s a suit or a shirt then make sure you have inspected the collar, inner and exterior pockets, and cuffs.

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