How to Spot a Fake Armani Briefcase

Armani’s name needs no introduction when it comes to high-end fashion makers of the entire globe. Its unique designs, sophistication, high quality, and elegance segregate Armani from other brands in the market. Therefore, people around the world are crazy about Armani’s products, which include its briefcases as well. However, several replica makers have made it difficult for Armani customers to find real products, as the difference between fake and real is not easy to distinguish. Similar is the case with Armani briefcases, which are although high in price, but their quality, style and exquisite material makes them great value for money. So next time you are going to buy an Armani briefcase, keep the following points in mind to make it easier for yourself to spot fake briefcases.


  • 1

    Check Armani Label

    Armani is an Italian brand and all its products have a “Made in Italy” label on them, including its briefcases. Ensure that the label on Armani’s briefcase which you are buying is clear and neat. It should not say “Made in China” or elsewhere, otherwise it will be a fake Armani briefcase.

  • 2

    Check the Logo of Armani

    Before buying an Armani briefcase closely check the logo on it. Armani sells its products under various labels therefore before buying make sure that spellings are correct and the logo is printed clearly on the briefcase.

  • 3

    Material of the Armani Briefcase

    The material of a genuine Armani briefcase speaks for itself, as it has a smooth finishing and the material used in is of high quality. Armani’s briefcases are made of fine leather - which is soft and carved to perfection. You would not find patches or low quality leather in Armani briefcases, which are clear signs of a fake product.

  • 4

    Check the Hardware of the Armani Briefcase

    Hardware like zips, locks, handles or belts in an Armani briefcase should operate smoothly and should not be loose or low in quality otherwise the chances are that it’s a fake product.

  • 5

    Study the Stitching of Armani Briefcase

    Stitching of the Armani briefcase is another important thing which the buyer should not ignore before purchasing it. A buyer can easily distinguish between a fake and real Armani briefcase as replica makers never produce a durable, neat and clearly stitched product. In addition to this, the stitching of fake Armani briefcases is untidy and rough.

  • 6

    Price of the Armani Briefcase

    Lastly do not forget to check the price tag of Armani briefcase, which tells you the price of the product. Armani briefcases usually range from $150 and above therefore if you find a briefcase of Armani below this range then there is a high probability that this product is fake.

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