How to spot fake Kobe 9s

Kobe 9s are one of the most fashionable sport wears being produced and distributed across the globe. Whether you are looking to buy a pair for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you must never settle for anything less but the best. Most especially if you are a first time buyer, you’ll want to make sure you are taking home with you a genuine pair of Kobe 9s. That’s why we have compiled for you few tips to help you successfully differentiate between a fake from an original pair. Read on to find out 6 tips on how to spot fake Kobe 9s.


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    How much do they cost?
    If the pair of Kobe 9s you are thinking of buying is an authentic version, then it shouldn’t come entirely cheap. If it costs you almost entirely nothing to obtain them, then you might be looking at something most definitely fake.

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    Where were they made?
    So far so good, authentic Kobe 9s have been spotted to be produced all the way from China. If yours says any different then it’s likely to be a fake pair.

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    What is the nature of their packaging?
    Genuine pairs of Kobe 9s come in rectangular-shaped boxes. These boxes were made from high quality materials, so yours should be rigidly coupled. Also check the box for a detailed description of the shoe’s, size, style and country of manufacture.


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    How much assurance is the seller willing to give?
    If a seller is trying to convince you a pair Kobe 9s are authentic, then ask he or she for a return policy, that way they you can be sure of a refund if anything should happen within a specified period of time. Most sellers might refuse to attach one, but nevertheless make sure you analyze the shoes properly before taking the step to pay for them.

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    Are the shoes light or heavy?
    Genuine Kobe 9s were made from high-grade materials, so it should feel a bit heavy instead of light. Most counterfeits were poorly constructed with inadequate materials and thus they feel too light when weighed.

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    What sizes do they come in?
    Real Kobe 9s come in 5 different sizes, which are: American, British, European, Japanese and Brazil. Most importantly, the sizes does not exceed the American size 12 and equivalent. If yours is an American size 13 and equivalent, then it’s most definitely a fake one.

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    With these guidelines, spotting a fake pair Kobe 9s shouldn’t be that difficult for you.


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