How to Spot Fake Burberry Belts

The leading iconic and luxury brand of Briton, Burberry is not only famous in the United Kingdom, but it is well-renowned in other parts of the world too. Today Burberry is standing in the line of top international high-end fashion makers of the world. This brand produces not only men and women wear, but also manufactures accessories that are quite popular. One of their famous accessories are belts that have a high demand throughout the world, as they are an integral part of modern day attire for both men  and women.   Reasons for why people want to be able to spot fake Burberry belts differs from person to person. I went to China and wanted to know; what is fake and what is not, before purchasing anything from there. My findings are listed below along with the links.


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    When i got to China; I found,  just like in case of most other top brands, several replicas of Burberry products were available in the market. This is why people who want to buy original Burberry belts face a lot of difficulty in finding the real deal. To ease their problem, some points which can help in spotting fake Burberry belts are listed below.

    Check Burberry belts colour

    One of the tricks to verify whether a Burberry belt is real or fake is to check its colour. If the colour is dull or faded then what you are seeing is a fake Burberry belt.

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    Check the logo of Burberry

    The next thing a buyer should be checking on the belt is the logo of Burberry. If it’s a real Burberry then the logo on the belt will be perfect - excellent finishing, no jagged edges, no spelling mistakes and the monogram will be made to perfection.

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    Material of the Burberry belts

    The material of a genuine Burberry belt speaks for itself because high quality material gives it a smooth finishing. Generally most Burberry belts are made of fine leather which is soft and cut to perfection. There will be no use of patches and low quality leather in Burberry belts so if you see one like that, it will surely be fake.

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    Check the hardware of the Burberry belts

    Do not forget to check the hardware on Burberry belts. Before buying one, make sure that it is working smoothly and the buckle is intact. It should be of high quality since Burberry is known not to compromise on its quality threshold. If it is loose or seems out of order then it is probably a fake Burberry belt.

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    Stitching of Burberry belts

    Stitching of the Burberry belt is another thing which one must look at carefully before buying it. The original Burberry belts have neat, clear and durable stitching but if it is uneven and untidy then there's a high chance that the belt is fake. Because a clear and perfect stitching, with no fabric sprouting out, is what makes genuine Burberry belts stand out.

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    Price tag of the Burberry belts

    The originality of a Burberry belt can also be judged from its price tag as Burberry products are high in cost and are not available on cheap rates. The prices of Burberry belts normally start from 150 pounds or above. So if you find a belt of Burberry below this price then chances are high that this product is fake.

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