How to Spot Fake Gucci Shirts

A large variety of shirts are launched in the market with Gucci’s label every year. Due to the fame of double G pattern shirts, replicas have unfortunately acquired a place in the market which makes it quite difficult to figure out a fake product from the original piece. Gucci is prominent over the globe as an expensive brand that introduces well-made products (including shirts), whereas phony products are usually inexpensive and appear to be made of low quality material. The brand is not only manufacturing men’s attire but a wide range of women’s clothing is also obtainable. In order to remain on the safe side, try visiting the original outlets of Gucci. And if that is not possible then before initiating your hunt, go through its official website and magazines where you can find Gucci shirt’s genuine variety. If it’s difficult for you to set apart real and the fake products then take help from the guide in this article.


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    Shirt's Logo Identification:

    To inspect the logo you will have to remember the design of Gucci’s actual logo. The 2 Gs are in a shape of a C or they are not interlocked with each other properly in a few fake products. Observe carefully the shape and chain being formed with other interlocked Gs. The image inserted in this step will help in showing one of the common flaws of a fake Gucci logo.

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    Shirt's Price tag Identification:

    While going through the official website, make sure you remember the prices of the shirt or a maximum and minimum range. The price range of Gucci shirts usually starts from £ 125 and exceeds £ 390. If the price range is less than the mentioned ones then the product is surely bogus.

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    Shirt's Stitch Identification:

    Beside high cost, the fine stitching of Gucci's original shirts is another characteristic which plays a major role in distinguishing it from a fake one. A fake brand usually has a very rough stitch whereas the original product is more neatly stitched with no threads coming out of the clothing.

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    Shirt's Material Identification:

    By keeping their motive in mind, Gucci makes sure to use quality material in its clothing - which is soft and gentle. Phony products never pay attention to the quality of the material; their clothes will not give you a comfortable feel. It will be very easy for you to tell between a faux and an authentic shirt.

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    Final Look at the Shirt:

    Before you open your wallet to pay for your favorite shirt, give it a last look and see if the color and the monograms are positioned in the same way and are identical to what you saw in the website.

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