How to Identify Leather Handbag

Leather handbags are one among the trendy fashion accessories in the modern fashion world. Leather bags are pretty smooth and soft like and not rugged like some fake ones. They make you very stylish and gorgeous and are a darling for everyone, especially fashionable women. However, there are so many fake leather handbag manufacturers in the market who provide you with poor quality products at high prices. So it is very imperative for you to become skilled at distinguishing fake leather handbags from real ones. The identification process involves few easy steps, which you can carry out yourself while purchasing your leather handbag.


  • 1

    Check out the look

    Thoroughly study the appearance of the leather handbag from all angles, especially the bottom. A real leather bag will be the one with no bottomless base.

  • 2

    Check the tiny pores

    Genuine leather bags contain very tiny pores all over its surface, but the fake ones do not have any holes.

  • 3

    Feel it

    Now touch and feel the leather bag, running your hands over the surface. If you find it the one with a hard plastic feeling and synthetic materials, it is a fake one for sure. On the other hand, the real bag will be the one with pliable and smooth leather. Moreover, the counterfeit leather bags feel cold when your touch it, especially during winter season. While the original leather does not feel cold whenever you touch it throughout the year.

  • 4

    Smell it

    As you know that the original leather bags are made up of real animal skins. Therefore, smell the bags to confirm that they smell full of animals’ fat essence (also referred as skin stink).

  • 5

    Press it

    Place your thumb on the leather bag under examination and press it gently. The real leather bag will take on numerous tiny patterns around your thumb on pressing it on will disappear gently once you release the thumb or remove it. While fake leather bags will take on no patterns around the thumb at all or some bulky grain patterns, which will disappear once you remove your finger as they are made of synthetic material.

  • 6

    Observe it

    The dermal section of the original leather bags is contains uneven fibres. And when you scrape the broken skins fibres, there will be no change in its appearance.

  • 7

    Water it

    Sprinkle a few drops of tap water on the surface of the leather bag and observe it for a few minutes. If the water drops penetrates into the material, it means it is real leather bag and the droplets have diffused through the tiny pores on its surface. If the water does not make a way into the pores, it is a fake one.

  • 8

    Light it

    Light the bag and check out its smell thoroughly. If it doesn’t bump and produces fired-hairs, it is a real leather bag. On the other hand, if it produces bumps on the surface and produce a acidic-odour, it is a fake one – don’t buy it.

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