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Gunnersbury Triangle Club is a sports and social club that is to be found in the City of Westminster, London. The main focus of Gunnersbury Triangle Club is tennis, but apart from it, they also offer superb facilities for other sports like snooker, karate, bowls etc. In addition to this, Gunnersbury Triangle Club also has a licensed bar and a relaxing clubhouse where members can hang out and enjoy various drinks. Gunnersbury Triangle Club also organises various types of social events which generate a lot of activity at this venue. Moreover, this club can also be hired for holding a private event or function. Another great part is that you won’t get to see a lot of crowd since it is a members only club.

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    History of Gunnersbury Triangle Club:

    Gunnersbury Triangle Club came into being in 1928 on a triangle shape land in western London, as this space was left unused after the construction of houses completed in its surroundings. This land initially belonged to Baron Rothschild but in 1926, two years before the construction of this club, it was transferred to the name of the Joint Committee of the Brentford, Chiswick, Acton and Ealing Borough councils. The locals residents then decided to use this space for a sports and social club and four trustees were chosen in order to get lease for this club.

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    Services offered at Gunnersbury Triangle Club:

    Gunnersbury Triangle Club offers a wide range of services which can be availed if you are a member of this amazing club. Below is the list of services which this club offers:

    - Six Tennis Courts (artificial grass courts)
    - Tennis Coaching
    - Bowls
    - Karate
    - Table Tennis
    - Snooker
    - Bridge Group
    - Events
    - Licensed Bar
    - Private Hire

    If you are interested in enjoying all the aformentioned facilities and services then take the membership of Gunnersbury Triangle Club. To know the details regarding the membership, click here.

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    Entry Requirements:

    Only members of  Gunnersbury Triangle Club are allowed to enter the site. However, members are allowed to bring guests.

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    Operational Hours of Gunnersbury Triangle Club:

    The Gunnersbury Triangle Club opens on all seven days during the week. However, to know the exact opening hours of this club, get in touch with the administration of this establishment. For details about the timings of different facilities, follow the calendar.

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    How to Contact Gunnersbury Triangle Club:

    To get in touch with Gunnersbury Triangle Club, one can either send them a message from here or use the telephone number provided below.

    Contact: +44 20 8992 4755

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    Location of Gunnersbury Triangle Club:

    68 Regent Street, City of Westminster, W1B 5EL, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Gunnersbury Triangle Club:

    By Tube

    Gunnersbury Triangle Club is about 0.2 miles away from Acton Town tube station, which makes it a walking journey of 4 minutes if the commuters head southwest on Gunnersbury Lane/A4000 towards Gunnersbury Crescent from this London Underground station and then turn left onto Princes Avenue. This will lead them to another right turn onto The Ridgeway from where they will turn left onto Triangle Way. Afterwards the commuters will turn left to stay on Triangle Way in order to locate the destination on the right side. Directions from Acton Town tube station to Gunnersbury Triangle Club.

    By Bus

    Gunnersbury Triangle Club can be reached quite easily on foot from Gunnersbury Avenue (Stop) that is located just 0.1 mile away from this venue and by walk this journey can be covered in 3 minutes.

    The direction which visitors will choose from this bus stop will be northeast on Gunnersbury Lane/A4000 towards Gunnersbury Gardens in order to reach Gunnersbury Triangle Club, from where guests should turn right onto Princes Avenue. This will lead them to a right turn onto The Ridgeway, from where they will turn left onto Triangle Way and then turn left by staying on Triangle Way to find the destination on the right side. Directions from Gunnersbury Avenue (Stop) to Gunnerbury Triangle Club.

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