Halloween Games for Adults

There are numerous types of Halloween games for adults to get them in touch with their inner child. The uniquely designed games are perfect excuse to get your Halloween’s get-togethers or parties moving along. Most interesting thing about the given below Halloween games for adults is that they do not require any additional or expensive probs. All you require is the enthusiasm and passion to enjoy life on great occasions of happiness and enjoyment like the Halloween. The below mentioned games are not only interesting but easy to conduct as well:


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    Halloween Guess Who Game

    It is one among the super simple Halloween games for adults. Take few pieces of paper and write down the names of some Halloween movies characters or items on them. Now tape the pieces of the paper to the back of your Halloween guests. Ask them to guess who they are, without turning around or getting help from others. Enjoy the participants going around and asking each others about their mystery characters or items. The next person can only answer as “Yes” or “No” to the asked question. The one with the right guess will be the winner. Isn’t it simple and interesting game?

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    Pass it on Ghost Story

    It is the simplest Halloween game for adults that do not require any special probs at all.  Ask your guests to sit in a circle and turn off the lights of the room. Turn on the dim light, if you feel it is too dark. Now, garb a flash light, turn it on and illuminate your face with it.  Start any random and self-generated horrifying ghost story. Drag the story to an exciting point of horror, pass the flash light to next person and ask him or her to continue the story from the point from where you left off. Keep going for as long as you like. It can be one complete round or even longer than that.

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    Candy Corn Relay Race

    This is another simple Halloween game for adults, full of fun and enjoyment. Select an open area of your house for this game. Set the start and finish line. Count the numbers of participants and set medium size bowls full of candy corns accordingly. Set one large bench or table at the start line and another one at the finish line. Now, place the candy corn filled bowls on the bench or table at the start line and same number of empty bowls on the table or bench on the finish line. Ask the participants to hold a large spoon on their mouth and scoop out the candy corns from their bowls on the start line, without using their hands. Now, ask them to carry the corns to the empty bowls at the other end. The one who will fill the empty bowl first will be the winner of this game.

    Note: In case, if any candy corn falls off the spoon of the participant; he or she is supposed to pick it up immediately, take it to the start line and restart the game again.

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    Halloween Jinx

    This is another superb Halloween game for the adults that they are going to fall in love with. All you have to do is, ask your Halloween guests that there are certain words that they cannot say during a specific period of time. And let them know about the entertaining or embarrassing penalty as well. It looks simple, but you will find it really tricky to be cautious about the specific words. The moment you find any of the participants do saying those banned words, punish them according to the set penalties.

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    Movie Picture Clues

    Movie lovers beware! This game is a true test of your love for the movies.  Set out a few objects that can be tied together and linked with various movies or show them some movie clips to the participants. Now, ask them to guess the name of the movie. If a specific participant could not answer, the other participant and take the chance to attempt the question and earn bonus points. The one who guess more movies will be the winner of the game. Give a   cute Halloween gift hamper to the winner.

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    Halloween Battle of the Balloons

    This is a very side-splitting Halloween game for adults. Blow up balloons and tie them to the ankles of the participants. Now, ask them to race in order to pop the balloons tied to the ankles of the other participants. Enjoy the adults acting like the kids. The one who popped more balloons will be the winner of the hilarious Halloween battle of Balloons.

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    Guess the Pumpkin's Weight

    Guess the Pumpkin's Weight is simple to conduct at home and a great way to guess the participants’ observation skills.  First of all, provide each of the participant or guest with a piece of paper and pen. Ask them to wait for some time and immediately place a large pumpkin on a table. Now, let the participants guess the exact weight of the pumpkin and write the estimated weight on the given piece of paper. Ask them to write their names at the back of the piece of paper, fold it and hand it over to you. Place the collected pieces of paper in a bowl or box. Now, display the exact weight of specific pumpkin and enjoy them participants making funny faces on their wrong estimation or a cute smile on their right guess. Take out the folded pieces of paper one by one and loudly announce the estimated weights along with the name of the specific partaker. Award a Halloween prize to participant(s) who made the right estimate or the one with the closest guess.

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