How to Wire an Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are a little different from acoustic guitars, not only in terms of sound, but also in the way they are made. The shape, the way they are tuned, each and everything is different. Therefore, if you want to tune your strings, or want to string the guitar; you must know that it is not too easy. Different electric guitars have different ways in which the strings can be put into them. However, there is one standard procedure to follow. You must know the standard procedure and the rest is easy even if there are different guitars in front of you.


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    For starters, you have to realize what type of a guitar you have. Some electric guitars have an input for the strings on the back side, while some have it right on the face. Therefore, you have check where to put your strings from.

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    Secondly, you have to keep a check on the number of strings your guitar supports. Mostly guitars have six strings. Therefore, that means that you will have to put six different strings from either the face, or from the backside of your instrument.

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    Now comes the difficult part of the whole thing. You have to start putting in the strings. You have to start from the bottom of your guitar. It’s mostly from the back side, so put the thinner end inside the guitar, pick it out from the front and stretch it till it runs across your fret-board and reaches your tuners.

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    Once the strings have reached the tuner then you must put it inside the small hole which you can find right at the side of the tuners. Insert the string inside and make sure it’s tight enough to stretch over throughout your fret-board.

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    After putting each and every string inside your guitar, it is time for you to tighten your tuners. Move your tuners and keep turning them till the strings are tight enough.

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    Once the strings are tight enough, it’s time for you to leave the guitar for a while. New strings take time to stretch. Wait for them to get stretched for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

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    After those fifteen to twenty minutes, it is time for you to start tuning your guitar. Use a guitar tuner, or tune it if you think you can. The usual drill for tuning a guitar is that you tune the first string, and then tune the rest accordingly.

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