Step by Step How to Read Palms

Lines on the palms of our hands can tell a lot about you and your life. Hand reading or palmistry is an ancient art that requires a painstaking study of the smallest lines, bumps and even small dots on the palm as well as their relationships.

You can learn about the nature of a person, his/her past and can predict the future after observing signs on the palms. Palmists across the world share almost similar methods and techniques.


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    The lines and marks on the palm are signs of destiny. Fatal marks on the hand may be indicative of diseases and injuries, sudden changes in his life and attitudes. Palmistry talks about the nature of man, his spiritual qualities and what awaits him in the future. This science enables people to understand and possibly learn about their own destiny.

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    Do not make a guess on any hand. First, decide which hand you're looking at: left or right. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference in lines between the left and right hand. Some palmists believe that the fate of women can be read after looking at her left hand and the fate of men can be judged after reviewing the right hand. The left hand shows the qualities that man has inherited from his ancestors and the right will give an idea of a person's nurtured talents or developed abilities.

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    At the initial stage, perform a general inspection. Look at the skin on the hand. If the skin is thick, then the holder must have a rough nature and if the skin is clear, you are dealing with a person with a sophisticated nature.

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    There are usually four main lines on the hand and you have to read the lines in a specific order. The first one is the heart line, second is the head line, third line is life line and fourth tells about your fate. Also, you need to pay special attention to the bumps on the palm of your hand.

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    Heart line and the line of the mind gives general information about the man, his emotional background and level of intellect. Breaks in the lines of life may indicate sudden changes in life, changing world, obstacles in life or severe illnesses. Now proceed to inspect the line of fate. It tells the story of the destiny of man and is able to unleash the full meaning of his life.

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