How to Fish From a Dock or Pier

Fishing from a dock or pier is almost similar to fishing in other areas. However, near the docks or piers, the flow and depth of water can be more than other shore areas of the sea. The waters near the dock shores are relatively calm and you can fish for leisure as well. Location of docks and piers is often within the city limits and you can conveniently locate them for the purpose. Make sure you know that fishing is legally allowed in the dock areas where you want to fish, because generally these areas or prohibited for general public.


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    Locate a dock or pier closer to you place and prepare a plan when is a right fishing time for you. Generally, holidays are the best times for going fishing in the dock and pier areas. A bright sunny day can definitely add to your good fishing experience.

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    Be assured you know that fishing in your dock and pier areas is allowed by the law, if not do not take risk of fishing there. You can put yourself in the trouble with the law, which is not a good experience.

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    It is better to go fishing with a friend and family member. Avoid going alone for fishing in the dock areas, because waters are generally risky near the dock shores because of depth level and tide changes.

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    You should also know the tide influence in the dock areas. Generally, a good water level is available throughout but there are times when the tide is low, and you might find it difficult fishing in the shallow waters.

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    Some fishing experts also recommend fishing when the tide is going out. This is time when the fish is exposed in the receding waters. Instead, the rising tide makes the fishing experience more difficult, because of the tide direction.

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    It is generally recommended to go to old dock and pier areas. They are better places to fish, rather than docks which are more frequent use. In old dock areas, the water is relatively calm and in fact stagnant. The fish is likely to stay longer in old dock areas.

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    Your fishing experience will also depend on other steps such as fishing supplies, techniques of casting fishing rod or pole and lures you use to attract the fish. Nevertheless, it is good to have some time spend fishing in the old dock areas.

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