How to Build a Butterfly House

If you are a nature lover, seeing a butterfly grow from a caterpillar to a fully winged beautiful creature is a mesmerizing experience. One way to fully witness this transformation is to build a butterfly house. Butterfly houses attract butterflies to house in and lay eggs that develop into caterpillars. Building a butterfly house is extremely easy and you can use materials around the house to make yourself one. For an inner butterfly house, you can always use a cardboard while if you want to place it in the garden you might have to work with timber. Our step by step guide is here to help with it.

Things needed: cardboard, cutter or utility knife, duct tape


  • 1

    Take a cardboard of a size depending on your space and how much room you want for the butterflies. Cut the shorter flaps so that things clear out, and there are no obstructions in your view to the inside of the box.

  • 2

    Cut out the front and back of the box. You will fit a transparent screen here so that you can look inside the box. Leave an inch of cardboard on both the sides so that it is easier to paste the screen like shown in the picture.

  • 3

    The screen should be larger than the hole. Put the screen over the hole and tape it down firmly.

  • 4

    It is time to make the door. Draw a square on one side and cut it out on three sides, leaving the fourth intact. The fourth will act as hinge. The door will allow you to take things in and out of the box.

  • 5

    The box is ready. You can decorate it and make it look more attractive by painting in bright colors. Draw butterflies and floral patterns on it. Place some twigs and branches in the box for the caterpillars to climb. Hang the box somewhere in the open which has a roof and so is protected from rain.

  • 6

    If you want a box which can be hung in the open with no protection, use wood or any other material. They will have longer life than cardboard.

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