How to Play Dm7 on Ukulele

The Ukulele seems to be a guitar but it is a unique instrument which is played in a different way. However, the Ukulele which originates from Portugal was different from the one we see today. The wood, colour and sound have all changed over the course of these many years.

On the other hand, playing the Dm7 chord (D minor 7 chord) means that you are playing the Ukulele in the D minor key. Whenever you are playing in the key of Dm, the Dm7 will follow later on. The seventh chord is expected to add an extra high pitch to any chord that you are playing.


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    Start off by holding the neck of the Ukulele, right from the string spacer. Always keep it between your index finger and your thumb. Now from your picking hand, hold the Ukulele from the centre of the body. Moreover, place your right arm right over the instrument so that you can pick the strings whenever you want.

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    Now with the hand, with which you are planning to play the chords, use its index finger to hold the first bar. It is located right in between the string spacer and the first fret. Now put your index finger on the “E” which is the first string. Basically, you’re holding down the first fret of the first string.

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    Now you will be playing the second note that you require in order to hold down the Dm7 chord. You first start off by holding down the G string and then the C string which are on the second bar. Right between the first and the second fret, hold these two strings down. Make sure that you are not touching the bars or the frets, or the sound will get distorted.

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    Now you are required to use your little finger. Use it to hold down the bottom most string which considered being an “A”. The third bar, which is between the second and the third fret, put your little finger on the last string on that bar so that you can play the note you are required to play.

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    This is your last step, where you will learn how to play the whole chord at once. Get your grip around the Ukulele’s neck tight and firmly press each and every string that you are playing. Always use the left thumb to tighten the grip around the neck. Gently strum the strings since now you are holding the chord as you should be. The plucking hand will help you strum the way you want to, while the other hand will help you hold down the Dm7 chord.

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