How to Choose a Shotgun for Deer Hunting

If you are already an experienced hunter, you must be familiar with all the nuances that are important when choosing a rifle. Choosing the right gun for hunting is arguably the main task for a novice hunter, but it is complex and always difficult. In order to facilitate your choice of a hunting rifle, you need to know some general recommendations.

Hunting rifles are classified according to several criteria: singly and multiple, muzzle-loading and the Treasury, Stills, leaning back and the sliding shafts. There are differences on the trunks which include different calibers, length and weight, their channels are rifled and smooth.


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    During the selection of a gun, draw attention to its mass which should be commensurate with your weight and physical strength. For normal hunting rifle is fine, the mass of which is 2.7-3.2 kg.

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    When choosing a shotgun, choose the cartridge that corresponds to the degree of knockdown, the caliber of the gun. When selecting a sample model shotgun, consider its versatility, features, resulting elected kind of hunting and the ability to execute one aimed shot or several, one after another.

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    Then find out the conditions for hunting, that is, on what distances you should shoot the deer. Cartridge should have the necessary effect on the short or long range and must also have the appropriate indicators for speed, muzzle energy. Based on these parameters, select a single or double-barreled shotgun with open sights or optics. Always inspect the gun before purchasing.

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    If you are an inexperienced hunter, acquire heap clubbing weapon: it will lead to misses when shooting at close range. It is worth noting that the best gun for modern hunters is "shotgun" with vertical placement trunks.

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    It is far better as compared with single-shot single-barrel shotgun as it allows the user to fire the second shot instantly. Meanwhile, it is possible to have different shells and ready to shoot at different distances from the various shafts.

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