How to do a Reiki Attunement

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative or complementary medicine. It has been practiced since thousands of years but the modern form of Reiki was developed in the 19th century. It is also known as the universal life energy, and in theory, anyone can practice it. However, simply having access to Reiki energy does not mean that you can use it efficiently or to the best of its ability to cure a disease, as it needs a lot of hard work and practice. It is a privilege and the responsibility of a Reiki expert to attune the beginners.


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    Become a Reiki expert

    In order to possess the ability to attune Reiki novices, it is imperative that you become a Reiki expert first, and have complete knowledge about the art.

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    Prepare for the attunement

    Before you attune the beginners, you must prepare yourself to transfer knowledge. Most Reiki masters like to meditate before attuning and ensure that they are grounded before going ahead with the process. A Reiki expert should also make sure that the beginner is also well prepared, and is completely at peace before experiencing this wonderful art.

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    Choose a suitable area

    Choosing the right location for Reiki attunement is also very important. The area may be indoors or outdoors, but it must be a location that is characterised by tranquility and peace.

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    Begin attuning

    Make the recipient of the Reiki attunement stand upright. Hold his or her hands up to the shoulders with the palms of his/her hands facing forward, as if he/she is surrendering.

    Now, you need to stand behind the beginner and start to walk around him/her, ending the walk at the starting point. You should now hold the left hand of the novice with your right hand and take it up to his/her head.

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    Trace the Reiki symbols

    You can now trace the Reiki symbols on the left hand of the recipient. Chant the name of the symbol three times after drawing each symbol once.

    Make an image of the Reiki attunement symbol in your mind and blow it over the recipient’s chest between the base chakra and crown chakra. Now put your finger on the forehead of the beginner, trace the symbol again and chant its name three times.

    After holding the left hand of the recipient, take the palm of your right hand up and visualise the symbol of Reiki attunement. Now you need to use the beginner’s left hand to slap your right hand, in order to transfer the attunement. Repeat the same process with the opposite hands.

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    Honour the novice

    Finally, in order to honour the recipient, you should press both his/her hands and bow to him/her.

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