How to Make Pebbled Flower Pot

Why not make your own pebbled flower pot at your home? This fun project is a great opportunity to convert a common clay or glass flowerpot into an attractive addition to your porch, yard or room. Moreover, a Pebbled Flower Pot makes for an excellent gift if you a put a flower in it. You can save your money by improving the overall shape of the common flower pot or recycled tin can with some easily available items that you already hold. Decorative glass pebbles and marble pebbles are also available in the market which play a vital role in making pebbled flower pots in order to coordinate with your home’s decor theme or color scheme.

Things you will need to make pebbled flower pot:

– Small clay or glass flowerpot – you can use a can tin as well
– Decoupage glue
– Pebble stones with a flat bottom
– Piece of cloth
– Paint brush


  • 1

    The very first thing you have to do is arrange all the required elements in order so that you can carry this interesting project efficiently.

  • 2

    Now, grab a paint brush and dip it into decoupage glue, stirring it to mix thoroughly.

  • 3

    Apply the decoupage glue to the sides of the can tin or flowerpot, covering every inch.

  • 4

    Add the selected pebble stones to the side of the flowerpot or can tin with their flat bottom down. You can use marble pebbles, crystal pebbles or colored natural stones.

    Note: Once you apply the glue, make sure to apply the pebble stones instantly as they do not stick to drying glue. Secondly, start adding the pebbles from the bottom of the pot or tin and move all the way to the top edge.

  • 5

    Hold the pot or tin with a hand inside and apply a thin layer of grout color according to your requirement. Now, gently flatten the attached pebbles slightly with the help of a piece of cloth. It helps in closing in any small gaps between the pebbles.

  • 6

    Set your Pebbled Flower Pot aside for a few hours until dried well and use it the way you want.  You can place some small flower plants inside to give it a complete finishing touch.

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