How to Make Aprons From Old Dresses

An apron is a great investment. It saves your clothes from all the greasy stains in the kitchen. It is one selfless dress that helps other dresses remain new and glossy, while bearing all the dirt itself. It is one item you cannot simply drop from your shopping list, even when you desperately want to save. However, you can still have an apron without shopping for it. Use you old clothes and turn them into aprons in less than an hour’s modifications. You do not need to be a master tailor for it. A creative mind and beginner level sewing skills will get you a new apron to wear in the kitchen and proudly own. Follow our step by step guide and start being productive.

Things you need:

– Old dress
– Scissors
– Sewing machine or a needle with thread
– old straps


  • 1

    Dig into the closet and find out dresses that no longer fit you or have gone out of fashion. Find dresses that you love and dont want to part with. Dresses with floral designs do best as aprons.

  • 2

    Cut the dress to the length you want because some dresses are too long to be comfortably used in the kitchen. Split up the two sides of the dress. Open up the stitiching using scissors or your fingers. The best part about a dress is you can make two aprons out of one dress.

  • 3

    Sew back the ripped seams using your sewing machine or hand sew it. Cut out the neck and the arms and sew the edges.

  • 4

    Add straps for the arms and the neck. Sew in the straps with strong stitching. These straps can be old belts or long pieces of cloth cut out from the back piece of your dress.

  • 5

    You can make yourself a pocket from any other scrap cloth lying around. If you are making one apron, take the pocket portion from the back of the dress. If you feel creative, do some light embroidery or patch work using other fabrics. Your apron will then be ready!

  • 6

    Your old jeans are another great clothing item that can be used to make aprons. Learn how to do that by clicking on, "How to make an apron from old Jeans."

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